Thursday, February 7, 2013

Character Focus: Garland

 The first and main villian of Final Fantasy is the first and main playable character in Another Time.  As the time loop created by Garland is broken, in this timeline he is now fighting on the side of good. An experienced soldier, he takes his first steps into becoming a heroic leader in this fantastic adventure.

 Garland plays like the traditional Knight of Final Fantasy: high defense and attack, with low speed and magic attributes to compensate.  He can equip light and heavy armors and can wield a good amount of weapons, making him an effective fighter on the battlefield.

 As a development blog tidbit exclusive, Garland was originally going to be made into a Jack-of-all-trades / Red Mage character.  This clashed with certain balance issues with other characters and didn't seem to fit him, as the main character, he would've had better stats than everyone in everything.

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