Thursday, April 25, 2013

Character Focus: Sauber

 Up and at 'em with another character focus.  Today it's the thief Sauber.  Named after the official novelization name (Final Fantasy: Memory of Heroes) based on the original Final Fantasy.  Sauber is quick, fragile, and very mouthy.  I hadn't planned on her becoming pretty much the main mouthpiece of how loose the plot is, but I'm happy with it.

 I've obviously based her color scheme on the original thief sprite from the NES version of Final Fantasy.  It's easier, simpler, and points more to the game's roots than anything.  I also tried to make a subtle cat theme go on, to go along with her personality (although there are cattier characters in the game, as you'll see).

 For the 0 people reading, try to stay 'tooned as I'm hopefully going to try to make more consistent updates pertaining to what I've done daily or every other day.  Just a hopeful thought, but had to put it out there...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

First post in two months? Still updates more than VGcats.

So, what has been up since the last update (that nobody cares about) to this update (that nobody cares about)?  Well I have:

-finished item, weapon, and armor lists
-completed the bestiary
-created semi-custom animations for abilities
-filled out entire character progression
and completed several maps, which includes 2 dungeons!  Here's some screenshots:

Screen quality and content are subject to change