Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shameless Plugging: RPG Maker VX Ace

 The entirety of Another Time is built on the VX Ace engine of the easy-to-use RPG Maker series.  Ace is the latest engine, released in Spring of 2012 and has nearly limitless customization from individual stats, to music, to even event scripting.

 The most amazing part of it though, is the embedded script engine.  Using the complex yet highly effective coding, one can completely change how the game is played with a few lines of code.  It is with using specific scripts either borrowed or created by oneself, is where the true personalization of the game comes to life.

 Without the efforts of the RPG Maker website (and my fiance for purchasing it for me ;p), this little project/dream of mine could not have come to light; and for that, I thank them.

 To learn more about VX Ace or the other products offered, visit

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