Thursday, April 25, 2013

Character Focus: Sauber

 Up and at 'em with another character focus.  Today it's the thief Sauber.  Named after the official novelization name (Final Fantasy: Memory of Heroes) based on the original Final Fantasy.  Sauber is quick, fragile, and very mouthy.  I hadn't planned on her becoming pretty much the main mouthpiece of how loose the plot is, but I'm happy with it.

 I've obviously based her color scheme on the original thief sprite from the NES version of Final Fantasy.  It's easier, simpler, and points more to the game's roots than anything.  I also tried to make a subtle cat theme go on, to go along with her personality (although there are cattier characters in the game, as you'll see).

 For the 0 people reading, try to stay 'tooned as I'm hopefully going to try to make more consistent updates pertaining to what I've done daily or every other day.  Just a hopeful thought, but had to put it out there...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

First post in two months? Still updates more than VGcats.

So, what has been up since the last update (that nobody cares about) to this update (that nobody cares about)?  Well I have:

-finished item, weapon, and armor lists
-completed the bestiary
-created semi-custom animations for abilities
-filled out entire character progression
and completed several maps, which includes 2 dungeons!  Here's some screenshots:

Screen quality and content are subject to change

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Character Focus: Garland

 The first and main villian of Final Fantasy is the first and main playable character in Another Time.  As the time loop created by Garland is broken, in this timeline he is now fighting on the side of good. An experienced soldier, he takes his first steps into becoming a heroic leader in this fantastic adventure.

 Garland plays like the traditional Knight of Final Fantasy: high defense and attack, with low speed and magic attributes to compensate.  He can equip light and heavy armors and can wield a good amount of weapons, making him an effective fighter on the battlefield.

 As a development blog tidbit exclusive, Garland was originally going to be made into a Jack-of-all-trades / Red Mage character.  This clashed with certain balance issues with other characters and didn't seem to fit him, as the main character, he would've had better stats than everyone in everything.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shameless Plugging: RPG Maker VX Ace

 The entirety of Another Time is built on the VX Ace engine of the easy-to-use RPG Maker series.  Ace is the latest engine, released in Spring of 2012 and has nearly limitless customization from individual stats, to music, to even event scripting.

 The most amazing part of it though, is the embedded script engine.  Using the complex yet highly effective coding, one can completely change how the game is played with a few lines of code.  It is with using specific scripts either borrowed or created by oneself, is where the true personalization of the game comes to life.

 Without the efforts of the RPG Maker website (and my fiance for purchasing it for me ;p), this little project/dream of mine could not have come to light; and for that, I thank them.

 To learn more about VX Ace or the other products offered, visit

Monday, January 28, 2013

The World Map

The World Map of FF: Another Time

 Towards the end of Final Fantasy, the player party travels 2,000 years into the past to stop a time loop started by Garland and the Four Fiends.  By doing so, the timeline has had two millennia to diverge from the original game.  This is the basis of the story behind Another Time.

 During the 2,000 year divergence, there have been some very notable changes.  Most notably is the landscape: the Cardia Islands in the mid-north are now one giant island, the rivers around Gurgu Volcano is now a winding valley, the Sunken Shrine is not-so-sunken, and there's actually snow in the northern areas!

 However, the most important change story-wise is the charred remains of the Cornelia plains and ominous looking Chaos Temple.  Obviously playing through the game will tell you what has happened, but I'll try to fit it in a future post if I can.

 Stay tuned for more updates and news, and please comment/question when available!

Friday, January 25, 2013

First public announcement!

If you've been redirected here, then welcome to the development blog of the fan-made game Final Fantasy: Another Time!

Final Fantasy: Another Time is a fan-made pseudo-sequel to the original Final Fantasy made using the RPG Maker VXAce program. It utilizes both old and new dynamics from the series, easter eggs, and extensive depth into the Final Fantasy lore.

A release date is tentative as the game is a hobby and not for profit in anyway. However, this blog will be updated regularly with news on development, tidbits in the process, and always room for discussion and/or comments.

Be sure to follow in any way and give your support if you're a fan of Final Fantasy, RPG Maker, or blogs.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


In an effort to start up voicing my opinions once again (to nobody who cares), I've re-designed the site so I can hopefully get money a larger audience.  Expect the few of those who have actually read posts before the new layout to see some re-runs, fit into a different design and wording.

Updates and posts to (hopefully) come soon...